California Spousal Support Calculation Assumption

Does the figures assume that both spouse are paying for their own medical insurance?  I assume if we choose that radial button, then the answer...

efriedman68 asked 1 month ago in Dana Point, California
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Will my modified California alimony order be grandfathered into the old tax law?

My judgment of dissolution was entered in 2017, with a spousal support amount non-modifiable for 1 year. We are now modifying it in 2019. One...

llsheppard asked 3 months ago in Pleasanton, California
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What filing status can I use on my federal and California income tax returns?

In California, during a lengthy separation, prior to divorce, what filing status for both the IRS and California FTB can both spouses use on their...

thevizma asked 3 months ago in Glendale, California

Does the California alimony calculator calculate alimony using the 2019 tax laws?

My ex and I are trying to recalculate alimony payments due to a stipulation in our marital settlement agreement in California. Does the California alimony...

bananasluggers10 asked 7 months ago in Pleasanton, California
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Does California consider bonuses as income when calculating alimony?

When an individual has a base salary and then for the past 5 plus years has received bonus (large) can this be considered in as...

tferris asked 8 months ago in Roseville, California
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Do I have to report child support on my income taxes?

I live in California and receive child support from my ex-husband. Do I have to report the money I receive for child support as income...

dsanchez asked 1 year ago in Los Angeles, California