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How is the division of a pension treated when making an Illinois alimony calculation?

My wife will get half my pension in a divorce, and probably maintenance. Is the maintenance calculation done before, or after the pension is figured...

fsrf1 asked 6 months ago in Morton, Illinois
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In Illinois, what happens to spousal support after the alimony payor retires?

My husband will be retiring in 5 years. If we divorce after 22 years of marriage and I receive spousal support, what happens to that...

weddingbelle asked 6 months ago in Montgomery, Illinois
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How do I calculate both Illinois child support and alimony together?

I want to file for a divorce and I used both the maintenance and child support calculator, but won't it be a combined amount my...

Beautyb asked 8 months ago in Bridgeport, Illinois
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Do I add Illinois alimony payments made in the prior year to my spouse's gross income?

With the new Illinois alimony law in affect for the year 2019, my question is as follows. The Illinois alimony calculator asks what is the...

Rosado74 asked 11 months ago in Midlothian, Illinois
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How accurate is the Illinois Maintenance Calculator?

I wanted to know how accurate the calculator is for a divorce the will be finalized after Jan 1, 2019. I make $127,000 and my...

slevine asked 1 year ago in Crystal Lake, Illinois
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Will my Illinois alimony payment go down in 2019?

Hi, I live in Illinois and I currently receive alimony from my former husband. I used the Illinois maintenance calculator on this site and I...

tadunn asked 1 year ago in Peoria, Illinois
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How long am I responsible to pay alimony in Illinois?

How long is one responsible for paying maintenance in the State of Illinois?

adam asked 1 year ago in Joliet, Illinois
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Is there a cut-off percentage for both child support and alimony in Illinois?

Is there a cut-off percentage for both child support and alimony in Illinois?

Jennygmedina asked 1 year ago in Chicago, Illinois
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Welcome to the Legal Calculators Forum

Hi, welcome to the Legal Calculators forum! In this forum, you can get answers to your questions about the calculators found on this site or...

paul asked 1 year ago in Chicago, Illinois