Calculating Maine Maintenance (Alimony)

Learn how to make Maine maintenance (alimony) calculations using the Maine Maintenance Calculator.

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Using the Maine Maintenance Calculator

The Maine Maintenance (Alimony) Calculator makes Maine general maintenance duration calculations with one click of the mouse. Before you can calculate Maine general maintenance, however, you must enter marriage length information into the calculator.

Step 1: Enter the Marriage Length

First, you must enter the length of the spouses' marriage. Once you have determined the marriage length, enter the length into the appropriate input in the Maine Maintenance Calculator form. The length should be entered in years with no letters or special characters.

Maine Maintenance Calculator marriage length input

The Maine Maintenance Calculator uses the marriage length entered into the calculator input to calculate the presumed Maine general maintenance duration. To calculate general maintenance durations, the Maine Maintenance Calculator uses the Maine Revised Statutes formula. Under the Maine Revised Statutes formula, the general maintenance duration is calculated based on the following table:

Length of the Marriage Presumed Maintenance Duration
Less than 10 years 0 years
At least 10 years but not more than 20 years 1/2 the marriage length
More than 20 years No duration specified

Step 2: Make the Calculation

Once the spouses' marriage length has been entered into the Maine Maintenance Calculator, click the "Calculate Alimony" button. That's it! Your Maine maintenance calculation will display on the page underneath the Maine Maintenance Calculator.

Maine Maintenance Calculator calculation

The Maine maintenance calculation result contains the presumed general maintenance duration, which is based on the Maine Revised Statutes formula. The calculation result displays the marriage length and presumed maintenance duration in both years and months.

If the marriage length is less than 10 years, then presumed maintenance duration is zero and the Maine Maintenance Calculator indicates as follows:

Maine Maintenance Calculator marriage length too low

On the other hand, if the marriage length is more than 20 years, then there is no presumed maintenance duration and the Maine Maintenance Calculator indicates as follows:

Maine Maintenance Calculator marriage length too high

Validation Errors

If the Maine Maintenance Calculator was submitted with invalid information, the calculator will display validation errors on the calculator inputs that were filled out incorrectly and the "Calculate Alimony" button will be disabled. Also, error messages will be displayed below the inputs that indicate the reasons for the errors.

Maine Maintenance Calculator validation errors

If you receive validation errors, enter valid information into the calculator inputs that contain the validation errors. Upon entry of new information, the validation error will be removed from the updated calculator input. Once all validation errors have been removed, the "Calculate Alimony" button will be re-enabled for resubmission of the Maine Maintenance (Alimony) Calculator.

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